2018 Web Design Ideas

2018 Web Design Ideas

by editor |July 3, 2015 | Blog, Special

It is no secret that that we live in an online world. Most of our activities and time is spend scouting the online world. With the new year comes new trends in web design that we are sure to interact with on a daily basis. These include the usage of bright colors. Color has been known to attract people into engaging with a website. In this new year, color is a trend that is still with us. Secondly, voice and natural language search has seriously taken route. Now, people can search the websites with voice activation search. This is a new trend that has continued to impress many in the digital environment. The use of animation has also taken the online space. A lot of websites have employed the usage of subtle animation in their contents as a way to attract individuals to them. The usage of Scalable Vector Graphics is also becoming common today. This is because SVG ensures that graphics, icons and logos look pixel perfect.

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