Keeping the menu consistent is a key part of The Original Maxwell Street Grill’s brand identity. The marketing calendar for 2024 can focus on promoting the existing menu items in creative ways, aligning with different events and seasons while respecting the tradition of not changing the menu.

Marketing Calendar:


  • New Year’s Celebration: Highlight the classic, comforting menu items as perfect for post-celebration meals.
  • Winter Warm-Up: Promote heartwarming dishes like the Boneless Breaded Porkchop during Chicago’s cold weather.


  • Valentine’s Day Special: Focus on creating a cozy, late-night dining experience for couples, featuring existing menu favorites.
  • Super Bowl Weekend: Emphasize takeout and delivery options for game day, showcasing items like the Maxwell Street Polish and burgers.


  • St. Patrick’s Day: Market the existing menu with a festive twist, perhaps through themed decorations in the stores.
  • Spring Break Deals: Offer special combo deals from the existing menu to attract families and students.


  • Easter Weekend Specials: Highlight family-friendly options for takeout and delivery.
  • Spring Celebrations: Promote outdoor dining (if available) or takeaway for picnics as the weather improves.


  • Cinco de Mayo: Feature the Mexican-inspired items like tacos and burritos from the existing menu.
  • Mother’s Day: Emphasize family meal packages for a special day out or a cozy night in.


  • Father’s Day: Highlight hearty menu items like the Double Cheeseburger or the Porkchop Bone-In Sandwich.
  • Summer Kickoff: Market the classic Chicago-style hot dogs and burgers as perfect summer foods.


  • Independence Day: Emphasize the American classics on your menu.
  • National Hot Dog Month: Create special promotions around the Maxwell Street Hot Dog.


  • Back to School Promotions: Target families and students with special meal deals.
  • End of Summer Celebrations: Focus on the joy of summer eating with your classic menu items.


  • Labor Day Weekend: Promote the full range of the menu for end-of-summer gatherings.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month: Highlight the Steak and Chicken Tacos, and burritos from your menu.


  • Halloween Night: Offer special deals for late-night diners.
  • Autumn Flavors: Emphasize the heartier items on the menu as the weather cools.


  • Thanksgiving Weekend: Focus on the convenience and comfort of your menu for holiday shoppers.
  • National Sandwich Day (Nov 3): Showcase your sandwich offerings like the Breaded Chicken Sandwich or the Porkchop Bone-In Sandwich.


  • Holiday Season Promotions: Cater to holiday parties with your full menu range.
  • New Year’s Eve: Promote the idea of ending the year with a classic Chicago meal.

Ongoing Promotions

  • Weekend Specials: Regular weekend deals or combo offers.
  • Loyalty Program: Encourage repeat visits with a loyalty program.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Regularly feature different menu items, share customer experiences, and engage with followers through interactive content.

These initiatives should be consistent with the brand’s image and values, focusing on the quality and tradition of the existing menu while finding new and engaging ways to connect with customers throughout the year.