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Web Portal Development

Web Portals are the primary interface through which companies, employees, customers, and suppliers interact or communicate online. As business is evolving, portals are quickly becoming the most powerful and useful strategic application for enterprise IT solutions.

Web Portal Development includes both designing (front end user interface) and code development (backend), including database management and dynamic functionality of portal as per the user actions. It requires just the right mix of tools, languages, and database management to succeed. Some of the technologies include but are not limited to Drupal, PHP, JavaScript & MySQL.

Two Types of Web Portal

In simpler terms, there are two types of web portal development. Each of them has the potential to satisfy the need of the company.

Customer Service Portal: A critical type of web portal fulfills the needs of customer services. It manages tickets, live chats, and schedules appointments using the Web Portal solutions. According to various studies, A well-architecture Web Portal for Customer Support can help businesses increase customer retention. It is considered one of the essential tools which your team can utilize to overcome various customer service obstacles. It allows you to be closer to your customers and helps you in listening to their feedback, which could help you in coming up with ideas that would help satisfy your customers.

Business Management Portal: Another valuable Web Portal Solution for companies, partners, vendors, etc. The use of this differs from one business to another. Some companies prioritize more on report generation, whereas others consider data management or auditing as more critical. It depends on the infrastructure of the company and what do they prioritize more. a Business Web Portal creates a channel that allows the employees, stakeholders, vendors to interact with the business and make it more organized.

Will Portal Development Benefit You?

  • Helps in staying connected with customers
  • Digital marketing
  • Generating sales by 24/7 availability to the customer
  • Connecting and bringing Clients across the globe
  • Work data dashboard and stay connected with your business team
  • Get customize report
  • Internal communication Hub linked to actual data
  • Historical and archival information available anytime needed

How can we help you?

At Company Chicago, our outcome-oriented approach to custom software development will solve your biggest business challenges and help your business excel now.

  • We take a customized approach to your business challenges and deliver your customized web services on-time and on-budget.
  • We focus on the user experience, so people can quickly learn the software.
  • We have vast industry knowledge experience and understand the importance of the user experience.

We work with companies of all sizes; our goal is to be a trusted and innovative provider of custom web-based solutions designed to propel your business goals through technology.

We develop mobile responsive portal solutions for all platforms.

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