Copywriting, Contact Forms & Ecommerce


Copywriting for internet marketing is different from other styles of copywriting because it requires concise language. People do not want to spend long periods of time reading text on a website, so it needs to be written in as few words as possible. It also has to be written for both humans and search engines to maximize exposure via search engine optimization.

We can help your business create the most effective marketing campaigns with both graphics and copy that will convert visitors into customers.

Contact Forms

Contact forms can be the most important aspect of your website because they transmit visitor information to you when a visitor fills out a form. This allows you to begin a conversation with your visitor. Once you begin a conversation with your customer, you can then try to turn the visitor into a customer. You can also learn a lot about how the visitor found your website on the internet through forms. This allows you to refine your marketing base on what is working best.


An Ecommerce website is a shopping cart or registration service that processes payments for your business. This includes credit cards, Paypal or any other third party web service that can transfer funds to you.

In order to begin doing secure commerce, your website should have a secure certificate. This is what gives your website an encrypted connection from your web host to your visitors’ device. The protocol for this is https. This gives your URL a padlock icon in the address bar of the web browser. This tells the visitor that the connection is encrypting the data transferred between their device and your web server.

You also need Ecommerce shopping cart software or services on your web server that will store the information about the transaction in order for you to process the order.