Creative Use of Video in Web Design: Background Videos

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There’s still a debate going on in the web design community about whether the full screen video backgrounds on websites are worth it. Some experts say that it’s an excellent way to make a larger-than-life impression on your audience, while others claim it may significantly hit the site’s UX and SEO efforts as well. 

In this article, we’ll try to figure out what makes large background videos popular today, as well as share some great ideas to use for your website. 


What Makes a Fullscreen Background Video Great?

Before you start watching the impressive examples of fullscreen video designs, it’s important to learn what features a good background video should have. Below we’ve covered some of the most common aspects to consider when creating a professional-like background content:

  • Evokes strong emotions – the background video should be aimed at driving strong emotions in its viewers, mainly to initiate the interactions. 
  • Delivers a clear message – the core idea of a fullscreen background video is to drive viewers’ attention and present a strong CTA. To add more clarity, it’s also useful to discover how to add subtitles to a video, as it can help to better guide your viewers and create the right brand image. 
  • Is compatible with different devices – mobile-friendliness is no longer an option but an important standard of many search engines across the globe. Making the background video versatile regardless of the device it’s been browsed will not only help you to improve the user experience but also benefit the website’s ranking on Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines. 
  • Plays with the muted sound – setting up the music on by default can also significantly hit the user experience. Since not everyone can browse your website with sound, it’s better to provide your visitors with an option, locating the unmute button on the page’s top or bottom. 
  • Has limited length – it’s recommended to create short, high-resolution videos for full-screen backgrounds instead of making them 1+ minute long. After all, the main purpose of a background video is to gain more interest and call to action, not more not less. 
  • Features reasonable loading time – the loading of images and videos is much more durable, compared to textual content. Opting for a short video can not just reduce the bounce rates, but also benefit the site’s SEO, ensuring its efficient performance. 

Background Videos

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Inspiration for Background Videos from Famous Brands

Once we’ve identified the essential aspects of a professional-like background video design, it’s time to analyze the real-case examples. 

Bloomberg Media

Being the world’s most famous financial, software, data, and media company, Bloomberg has been continually investing in their online presence. Once you’ve landed on their homepage, you’ll see a fascinating fullscreen background video that cannot but amaze nearly any visitor. Along with presenting their high-level professionalism, such a detailed approach to web design significantly improves the trust amongst their target audience, driving more unique visitors and conversions. 

Jurassic World

For the fans of the Jurassic era, creators have launched a dedicated website with all the fundamental interactions needed to dive into the adventures. The background video on the homepage is designed from a dozen of the most thrilling and catching shots, thus making users intrigued to get started. Impressed by the video, they are offered to buy tickets, play topic-related games, or even use the social media filters to get closer to their favorite story. 

Parachute Montreal 

A fullscreen background video is also an effective way to get people hooked by your brand, product, or service, and that’s what Parachute Montreal showcased on their website. After getting on their website, the first thing that grabs your attention is the fascinating shoots from tandem jumps that encourage you to give it a try right away. 

Wrapping Up

Creating a fascinating video to design a page’s background is more than real. So, once you’ve gained some inspiration from reputable and famous websites and discovered what makes fullscreen background videos that effective, it’s never been a better time to start creating your own video!

We hope that these recommendations have greatly helped you to create an engaging background video for your website!