Your Web Presence

Your website is the starting point for your business web presence. Everything on your website can be syndicated or pushed to other websites or social media accounts to increase the visibility of your company, products or services. Your website is accessed through your domain name and the files are located on your web host.

Your website is the most customizable tool for establishing a web presence. We can custom tailor every aspect of your website to allow your business to reach customers far and wide with the exact message you intend for them to experience.

Your website can provide all of the following services and more.

  • Sales
  • Lead Generator
  • Email List Builder
  • Global Marketing
  • Market Research Tool
  • Market Tester
  • Collections Agent
  • Communications Hub
  • Support Department
  • Product Delivery
  • Services Scheduling

What is required for a successful website?

Your website will require a home page or index page which is the first page of your website that is seen when a visitor enters your URL in a web browser address bar or a search engine. Your home page has all the most relevant info organized to be easily accessible to the visitor.

This includes the following elements:

  • Domain Name
  • Site Title or Company Name
  • Site Description
  • Logo
  • Homepage Graphics or Photos
  • Navigation Bar