Site Plan

Every website begins with a plan, the basic outline of the website. The plan includes every page that will exist on the site, shows how your user will navigate through the information and develops a goal path you would like the user to reach (i.e. completing a form for an appointment or purchasing a product).


Before the website can be built, a design prototype is developed. This prototype contains details about every page of the website, including design and navigational elements. During this phase the content of the site is developed: This includes written information which you provide, marketing concepts, and photos. The prototype can also designate elements that are to be added in the future.


The design includes the selection of a template or theme. Customization includes choosing colors and fonts that reflect the style of your business or organization. High-quality images are finalized throughout the site layout.


The development includes the installation and configuration of the content management system. The coding and configuration of all the content and functions of the website are created on a web server. Testing of the website on phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop devices is done to ensure that a consistent experience is maintained across all platforms.

Live Site

Once everything is working and approved the website is ready to go live on the internet.

Updates & Maintenance

Updates and changes can be made to the site. Training in how to use the site is offered.